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I used to work as door-to-door salesman for ADT Home Security. I used to work at AIM Ministries, focused on taking donations for televangelists and ordering their products. For two terrible summers, I worked that front cashier at the Winton Road Wendy’s, I worked at a call center for Sirius XM, and I’ve even sold books door to door for Jesus (if I knocked on your door, just know that I’m sorry, but you are definitely going to hell for not buying Steps to Christ.)

Suffice it to say, I’ve had some sales experience. And while I have never been particularly gifted at sales, I have learned some things along the way.

Demonstrating Value To The Customer

One of the most fundamental aspects of sales is demonstrating value to the customer. You can’t just tell them the features of a product, but you have to communicate what value this product has to their life, how it’s going to change it, and what it’s going to mean to and for them.

I promise you, no matter how great your product, even if it’s eternal life, if you can’t demonstrate its value to the customer, you will not be able to effectively sell to them.

I know some of my atheist brothers and sisters might call Christianity “the greatest lie ever sold” and I might agree with them, except with the amendment that it’s a lie that’s sold terribly.

Part of the reason for that is that Christians think that their product is so great, and it’s enough. They’ll tell you about Jesus, God, the Bible, and eternal life without any further information, when, in actuality, I’d be willing to bet that conversion stories are so much more effective at making more converts.


Now, I don’t believe a word of the Bible except obvious things like “Love your neighbor” and stuff, but if Christians wanted their religion to spread like wildfire, they’d all be kind, caring, loving, let the gay thing go, and invite people in.

You can’t just scream at someone that they’re going to hell if they don’t accept your product and then wonder why it doesn’t work.

That’s what’ll get your selling done. The old model is dead, and if Christians want to remain relevant in culture, they will adapt. Or not.

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