I’m Smarter Because I Read The Comments Section

It’s a reality that we should accept now that comments sections are now places where sh** gets done.



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Back when I first started this blog, I had also recently come out as an atheist. I didn’t make any huge announcement about it – I just started posting the things I wanted to post to social media. One such thing was a version of the above photo of Vader.

I thought it was funny, literally just funny. Like, “Oh, yeah, if Vader was an atheist, he wouldn’t find a lack of faith disturbing ha ha ha that’s a funny take on a classic line” NO. Apparently, it was not that way.

It sparked a conversation with a friend about why I had become an atheist, and since they asked, I told them. Then they hit me with this gem.

Refusal for Dialogue - Briana

The root of this comment is somewhere close to: “I’m not gonna change my mind and you’re not gonna change yours, so discourse is futile.” And I think they’re wrong.

Why I Read The Comments Section

The cool way to share my friend’s idea in 2016 parlance is “I NEVER read the comments section.” I can understand why people say this. It seems to be the cool thing to do nowadays. All the smart people are off busy being smart and the dumb people are the ones who roll around in the feces-infested pit of comments, contending with resident trolls of an unspeakable nature.

Except that it’s not that way.

Despite the furious Wild West days of youth for Youtube and other social media platforms, I think something else has risen up inside of comment sections: genuine dialogue.

Just as a slight revolution occurred when we figured out that we could use correct grammar on the internet, a slight revolution has occurred when we figured out we didn’t necessarily have to curse out strangers.

It’s a reality that we should accept now that comments sections are now places where shit gets done.

It’s the place where someone can inform you on the finer points of economics, or the formation of the Black Panthers, or whether or not human beings are supposed to be meat  eaters. They are no longer places to solely mount vitriolic rage against a piece of art, but they exist so that we know that art does not exist alone.

Comments sections are awesome because you can learn from other people, and for that, I think they’re worth keeping around.

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Photo Credit: east_mountain
Photo: https://goo.gl/hpeOKr
License: https://goo.gl/OOAQfn

Disclaimer: My added words to photo.

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