Be Scared When You’re Happy – Is Jesus A Physician or a Drug?

The unbelievably happy Mickey Mouse, ladies and gentlemen.

As I’ve mentioned in some of my posts, along with Christianity comes the vague or explicit sense of never being able to Jesus hard enough. You always must do more, be better, do greater things in the service of your Lord, which can lead to some pretty fanatical behavior. Not to mention that it’s the exact opposite of what people like Mister Rogers would have you believe, which is, “I like you just the way you are.”

This foundation of Christianity can make it really difficult for people to build up proper self-esteem and confidence about themselves, what with being told that every good thing they do is not them, but God, and every bad thing they do is succumbing to their evil, broken, fallen human nature.

Make no mistake: Having high self-esteem is at direct odds with being constantly told that you are not enough, and the number of people that manage to achieve that are fewer, not greater.

But despite the overarching feeling that you are never being enough of a Christian, or the “right” kind, there is another insidious lie that creeps in, and I’ve heard it multiple times from the pulpit.

Be scared when you’re happy.

From the pulpit, they will tell you that your life is in the most danger when you feel as if you don’t need Jesus, when you feel that your life is going fine, when you feel confident in the person you’ve become – that is the moment to fear because that’s when Satan will finally corrupt you.

I wish I were making this up.

But if Jesus is called The Great Physician, shouldn’t he ideally be viewed as a doctor, not a drug dealer? Meaning that, ideally, you do not always need your doctor. Ideally, when you feel that you do not need your doctor, that is actually a good thing. Only drug dealers insist on you being hooked on their stuff 100% of the time.

When I think of all the emotionally broken people that go to church for a variety of reasons, it seems very sad that they go to a place that will just tell them they will never ever be well, and it’s a shame they don’t know that’s not true.

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