What You Have to Believe I’m Okay With To Believe Your Sunday Law Story


As far as Adventist fears go, I could confidently say that one of the most prominent was this concocted story of the Sunday Law. Trust me, I have a whole pack of DVDs in my house right now with green covers that are by Pastor Jan Marcussen about the Mark of the Beast, Sunday laws, and the Jesuit invasion into God’s Remnant Church (the Adventist Church). Let me see if I can make this story as concise as possible.

Adventists (many of them, anyway) believe that a time will come when the world will have to decide between the laws of God and the laws of man. The Pope, head of the Roman Catholic Church, will play some crucial work in bringing the U.S. around to accepting Sunday (the false Sabbath) as God’s true holy day, and he will work to connect his power to the current POTUS to ensure that this practice becomes enshrined in law.

How do you assume that I have that little regard for your rights?

True Christians (once again, ADVENTISTS) must write God’s word on their hearts because they will be chased from society, their Bibles stolen and outlawed, reviled for keeping God’s commandments, and while the whole world is “lusting after the beast” (which I assume is “worshipping on Sunday”), Adventists will be further persecuted to the point of being hunted down. And at the point of climax, there is a special core of people that will be delivered by the Lord and his second coming and the wicked will be vanquished, blah blah blah.

I assume that I – an atheist- am included in this story somewhere. I’m an American citizen. And my honest question to Adventists is (as respectfully as I can put it) – In what fucking world do you think I’m okay with this? You have this narrative of your freedom of religion being taken away, you being physically persecuted, and worst of all, all of us seemingly waking up of our own volition and going to church on Sunday, and your first reaction is to assume I’m okay with that? That I’m not going to ferociously say, “Fuck you, Francis! You don’t tell us what to do”? How do you assume that I have that little regard for your rights?

Maybe you think that because you’d be okay if it happened to me.

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