We Had It Wrong – God has a Steve Jobs Complex


As many of you may know, Apple Event was Wednesday. The crowd was bringing their unbridled (and, as some always say, unwarranted) enthusiasm to everything that Tim Cook was laying down. He was the DJ of the universe, even if it was just for the day.

So far as I can tell, Tim Cook has done a good job, as Apple’s CEO, of fostering the same kind of rabid teenage-girl-like response from lovers of the company as Steve Jobs did. He’s apparently able to accomplish that without being an asshole.

And the favorite fact of any Apple detractor is just that: Steve Jobs was an asshole. Plenty of articles and biographies will tell you that. They’ll also tell you about how his stupidity probably killed him. No matter what you like – iPad, IPhone, IFuckingPizza – someone would like to remind you of the myriad faults in Steve Jobs’s character.

To which I gotta say: Who gives a shit?

That doesn’t stop me from loving my Macbook to death. Or my Iphone 6+, which is one of the most goodliest items I own. The reason is because the creation is not necessarily a direct reflection of the creator, and so while the creation is awesome, the creator can be an asshole, and that’s not a problem to me.

Why it matters 

In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth…And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. (Gen 1:1,3)

That, as some Christians churlishly designate it, was the big bang. The star breather created things ex nihilo. The Creator God made light from speaking, something from nothing, and went on to form man specially, with his own two, noodly glowing appendages (I may have my mythology fucked.)

The point is that one of God’s most important designations is that of “Creator”, and it is used quite often. And many Christians use that title as a reason to say that God is good, simply because he made us. That does not follow.

The creation does not necessarily reflect the creator. It’s necessary to disentangle these claims. So, in all fairness, maybe that means there’s really shitty people, but somehow a good God.

But when you start talking to me about how gorgeous and complex and brilliant the human body is designed and how that points to your good God Creator, just remember that Steve Jobs was an asshole.

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