Could You Love A Tarnished God?

Sometimes, your heroes are a little different under the surface.
Sometimes, your heroes are a little different under the surface.

Anyone can love a God. The story that Christians tell themselves is that the biggest, baddest, most important being in the entire universe gives a particular damn about their cause out here in the projects of the universe. The story is one of the most complete abdication of authority, all being for the benefit of humans, of course.

And there’s one thing above the others that makes the story work. Jesus was sinless. Because he was the propitiatory sacrifice for all mankind, he had to be. Perfect. Spotless. Without stain.

I like my Jesus like I like my women: Spotless, stainless, perfect…because much like the way I treat women, Jesus is only the husk of the flimsy structure into which I throw all of my insecurities…

The strange part about this line of thinking is that it’s easy to love something that’s perfect. Take parents, for example. It’s easy to love your parents if they always spent the right amount of time with you, always showed up at every event, were always supportive of every life decision you made. But it doesn’t work that way, does it? The more that we grow up and find out that our parents aren’t the superheroes that we thought they were, the more we realize that we have to love them just as they are, because they are our parents.

There’s also a slightly narcissistic undercurrent that goes along with the fact that Christians believe that God loves us in all of our beautiful brokenness, but that he is perfect. Why should God have to deal with your faults if you aren’t willing to deal with his? This dynamic of expecting someone to love you as a complete person, good and bad, while you get to love only their perfection, has been known to add toxicity to relationships.

So here’s the question to Christians:

Could you love God if He wasn’t perfect?

What if God wasn’t omniscient, so he just really didn’t know how all this shit was gonna go down? Maybe he made the world with a perfect plan in mind, but the snake was a curveball.

What if he wasn’t all-powerful? Maybe he’s just trying his best to get a handle on the wars and rapes, but he can’t do everything at once.

What if he’s not everywhere? Maybe he wants to prevent every catastrophe and heal every cancer patient, but he’s busy and just doing the best that he can?

What do you guys think?

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