The CEO and the Ambitious Intern

Satan Fall From Heaven Cast Out

Once upon a time, there was a company. It was the best of all companies, and the best a company could be. People came from all around to visit it, to borrow ideas from it, and to work at it. Each year, the company made even more money than it had the previous year and the CEO hired another 1,000 interns in various positions. And in the year 1,485,394,423 BC, one of those interns was Luke.

Luke was as dedicated as it was possible to be. He had a slight leg up, his father being the head of Morning Star, but that didn’t mean that he wasn’t willing to work for it. Luke took every opportunity to do even the most menial tasks, and cheerfully, too. Cleaning, dusting, and coming in on his day off was all regular activity for Luke, and he was respected among all the staff and interns that he came into contact with.

Luke’s positivity and verve didn’t go unnoticed with the upper management, either, and he kept getting promotion after promotion, until one day, the CEO personally appointed him Capo Degli Intern, the head of all 1,000 interns that the company hired every year.

The CEO said to him: “You, Luke, are the signet of perfection.”

Luke got a new office that was right next to the CEO’s, and it was seen to that his name plaque was covered in precious stones, including sardius, topaz, and diamond. The CEO even taught him how to play the harp, and Luke became proficient in that, as well.

One day, while Luke was alone, he stared out of his window, and he thought to himself of how far he had come, all the way from a lowly intern to the Capo Degli Intern. He was grateful for all of the opportunities, and also prided himself on the hard work he’d done to get there.

He went over to his desk and pulled out a small leather notebook. It was a notebook in which he kept all of his dreams, many of which had come true. But one of them conspicuously hadn’t. He walked back to the window and read aloud from the book words that he had written years before.

I will climb the ladder, slowly but surely, and make my own company. It’ll be just like this one and I’ll have an even bigger office than the CEO here does. It’s going to make even more money than this company, so high that the Dow Jones won’t even be able to count, and I will be the CEO.”

In a flash, Luke’s life changed.

The CEO, via microphones that he had installed in Luke’s office, learned of his plan to one day become the CEO. The CEO also learned that Luke had told a couple of his friends about his aspirations. He told Luke that he was now to work for custodial on the negative 42nd floor of the building.

He also fired a third of the interns, Luke’s friends, solely because they agreed with Luke.

And you thought you had a hard day at the office.


It should be overwhelmingly clear right now that this is the story of the son of the morning, Lucifer. He was cast out of heaven by his creator without much ceremony or delay.

The reason remains to be seen.

More on this topic Friday!

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