Why Christians Are Out of Touch With Their Roots, Part 3


So all week, we’ve been discussing the huge disconnect between the God that modern Christians profess to worship, and the God that their first century and ancient counterparts would’ve been familiar with. What we’re going to dive into today requires an entire post all by itself, because it can get dicey, mind – bending and trippy all at once. Hold on to your seats.

The Godhead

When I was still a Christian, I remember that one of my favorite sermons came from David Asscherick, an Adventist preacher. It was a sermon about God’s love, and in it, he makes the point that the claim that God is love is a high one to make. It cannot simply mean that he is loving, for we are loving. But being the embodiment of love is taking it quite a few steps further. This is where Assherick breaks off and starts to talk about the Godhead.

He argues that the Godhead is fundamental to an understanding of a god who is the embodiment of love. If God is eternal, and not simply loving, but love itself, how was he love before the creation of anything? How, in the absence of something to love, can one properly be called it? The short answer is: By being three co-eternal persons with a reciprocal and equal relationship.

Jesus is God

I thought this was a powerful bit of knowledge until I learn the dirty secret. The dirty little secret is that the connection between Jesus and God is much more tenuous than most Christians would realize or admit, even though it’s taught from early childhood. Let’s ask some easy questions, as would a child upon being taught this story (kids are smart, yo.)

  1. Why was Jesus pleading with Himself in the Garden of Gethsemane? Was he begging himself not to let him go through with this?
  2. Why is God only referred to with singular pronouns throughout the Old Testament? Ancient Hebrews clearly understood God to be one God (Which is a lot closer to your Muslim neighbor’s beliefs, btw.) If God was three co-eternal beings and God never changes, the ancient Hebrews that worshipped him should have been aware of that, right? Progressive understandings can account for change in thought, but it does seem strange to never mention.
  3. Why didn’t Jesus know when he was going to raise from the dead? How is it possible that he didn’t know? How is it even possible that there is ANYTHING Jesus doesn’t know? If God is omniscient, and Jesus is God, then Jesus is omniscient, and he can’t not know anything (logic, bitches.)
  4. How is it possible that he doesn’t know when the second coming is? (He might have been telling the truth on this one, though, cuz he’s taking his sweet ass time. He’s a little more than fashionably late by now.)
  5. Here’s the big one that all atheists ask: If he is God, why could he not just forgive?

I will leave the rest to weightier heads than mine to elucidate the particulars of why a trinitarian view of God makes little sense to even other Christians, let alone the rest of us. I will also leave with a quote from the video posted here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGCtsJvh0bQ) below:

“Honestly, the Trinity must be read into Scripture, not out from it. In fact, I don’t think anyone can arrive at the Trinity from only reading the Bible. It has to be taught alongside Scripture, and even then, most people don’t even understand it. Not that we blame them.”

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