Josh Duggar and Christian “Justice” (Welp, sin is sin, right?”)

Classic Kanye Shrug
Classic Kanye Shrug

So I’ve been reading a lot about Josh Duggar recently, more than I would care to. If you haven’t been keeping up, here’s the brief:

Josh is a child molester.

Wow, I need a Staples button, that was so easy. In fact, it shouldn’t be more complicated than that. Josh forcibly fondled at least 4 of his sisters while they slept, starting when he was 14. The family then covered this up. They claim that they got the girls the therapy they needed. The only way it could’ve matched that description is if they had Leonardo DiCaprio from Inception go in an extract the memory of getting tickled in your woo hoo by the third little piggy.

All jokes aside, though, what is more interesting than this carnival freak show is the way that people are defending Josh. And it all comes down to a nifty little verse in Romans.

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 6:23

This is a technique that I have talked about called “The Wash”. It can be, “Well, your atheism is a religious belief too!” or “All religions have their crazy stuff, so…” In this case, what it boils down to is “Everybody sins.” This is as meaningless an aphorism as has ever been constructed, and it is an attempt to render moot the moral accusations of anyone against anyone because everyone, under this Judeo-Christian God, is morally culpable and deserving of hellfire.

Can I get a ‘REALLY’?

Have you ever taken the time to think about how immoral of a system this is?

If “sin is sin” is how your heavenly justice system functions, I don’t need any part in it. Any justice system that is unable to account for variables in cases is not a just one. Saying “sin is sin” is the exact same as saying “crime is crime”. Except:

  • Jaywalking is not murdering.
  • Speeding is not raping.
  • Intent matters, like pre-meditated actions or not. (Malice aforethought).
  • We treat financial and cyber crimes differently than violent ones.
  • We recognize that manslaughter is not the same as murder.

Under the trite bullsnarky of “sin is sin” and the form of justice it is proposing, we are all deserving of death should it not be for the magnificent sacrifice of Jesus Christ (to Himself, to appease Himself, to sate laws that He created, and only died for three days.)

This is, quite frankly, ridiculous. This is even to say that should any of Josh’s sisters grow up and commit the unconscionable act of speaking against the Holy Spirit or being atheists, they would be as morally deserving of death as the man who molested them when they were children.

All this is not to say that our justice system has it all figured out. And yes, what you’ve all been waiting for: we do recognize that crimes by juveniles are different than ones committed by adults, which is the reason that Josh did not spend any time in juvenile detention (also, the whole cover up thing, ya know.) But it does mean that we don’t have to listen to what he has to say about gays, or abortion, or Christian conservative values, or being an ethical or moral person, because he clearly doesn’t know a damn thing about it.

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6 thoughts on “Josh Duggar and Christian “Justice” (Welp, sin is sin, right?”)”

  1. This idea and approach is not Christian. The people who take this stance are not acting as Christians should act. Biblically those who know about sin and don’t do what they can to stop it are guilty of it as well. Therefore the Duggar parents are also child molesters. And well, we already know about the police officer. Let’s not paint with a such a broad brush. Every Christian blogger that I follow, albeit they are progressive like myself, called out their apathy with ferocity. It’s not Christian. It’s wrong and wrong comes in every religion and lack thereof.
    Blessings on your journey!


    1. Guess you didn’t read what I wrote about “The Wash”. There’s nothing not Christian about Josh thinking God’s forgiven him. There’s nothing not Christian about the concept that we are all deserving of death because of sin passed on to us by Adam. Not to mention that one of the most representative Christian organizations in the world, The Roman Catholic Church, has routinely hidden child mole station cases and protected perpetrators.

      That said, of course I’m not saying Christianity teaches people to be kiddy fuckers, but I am saying that it’s wrong that you have a whole group of people who think they are just as deserving of death or hellfire as a child molester. It’s simply not true.

      Thanks for commenting!


      1. God does forgive any who ask for it sincerely. Forgiveness does not exempt them from punishment here or in the after life.
        I think you’re mixing up a lot of things that different Christians believe or don’t believe in different areas. It’s hard to understand where you’re taking these ideas from.
        The Roman Catholic church was wrong. So were the Duggars. It isn’t because they were Christian but because they weren’t living up to who Christ laid out for us to be.
        Also, majority of Christians believe in gradation of hell and sin.
        And no I didn’t read any other post.


      2. Oh, you misunderstand, I was referring to something I wrote in this post, but that doesn’t matter now.

        Anyway, I’d be interested to know how Christians do keep a belief in gradation in light of the fact that Romans 6:23 deals out the same punishment (death) for a variety of crimes.


      3. People who are concerned with biblical integrity tend to read in context and read for general feelings rather than situational mandates. This is the reason I try not to just quote a random verse. You can find pretty much anything in the Bible or holy books if you are looking for it. Here is nice very long list of verses that speak of the gradation of sin.


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